Today we celebrate our birthday. Exactly one year ago we sold our very first order! We’ve jumped into the beautiful world of sim racing in the midst of the corona outbreak and have grown ever since. Time has truly been flying.

We’ve had the pleasure of serving customers worldwide. And while the majority of them are from Europe, our sim racing rigs have been shipped from the Netherlands all the way to America and China. We’ve created a catalogue of 80 unique items. We have our very own GT and Formula style racing seat, and have been teaching kids the fine art of sim racing at the Treq Experience Centre.

The sim racing community keeps on growing and it’s getting more serious by the day. We hope to grow with it and look forward to our next birthday! In our second year we plan to bring you new developments and products, fun blog stories and a continued support to the sim racing community. Drinks are on us today. Use birthday as a coupon code at check out, and get a free cup holder when you order a rig!

Sincerely, team Treq