Sometimes we get the question if there are any structural differences between the Treq One and the Treq One Basic racing simulators. The answer is simple: nope!

Originally all our sim rigs and its accessories are produced with a black anodized finish. Because we not only believe a simulator should be rigid and strong. It’s also a piece of furniture which has to look good in any room you place it in. That’s why our simulators are not only black, but we finished them off with blue striping and a cable management set. To keep things nice and clean.

But we also noticed some demands from the market that wanted, as we like to call it, a ‘no nonsense’ sim rig. That’s why we brought you the Treq One Basic: an aluminium sim rig that is very strong, but only has the essentials you need for racing. We include bolts for steering wheel mounting and rubber feet to keep your floor in good shape. But the rig has a grey finish, no blue striping and no cable management. Just a stiff and rigid simulator frame, for the best available price.

The wheel and pedal parts are made from the same profiles and sheet metal. They’re compatible with any Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec equipment. Both rigs can easily handle heavy load cells and direct drives.