Dear customers and fans, today we have to announce a slight price increase on some of our products. The price on aluminium has been rising since may 2020 to a point where we have to move with it.

Price of aluminium per ton
US Dollar per ton of aluminium. Graph from

The following prices (ex VAT) will show starting Monday the 16th of August:

TREQ One:  €293 to €310
TREQ One Basic: €272 to €289
TREQ Ace: €536 to €566
TREQ Formula: €773 to €793

Some of our accessories and monitor mountings will go up as well. We hope the aluminium market madness gets back to normal quickly, but for now it’s hard to tell when that will happen. Orders placed before the 16th will have today’s prices.

Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you on Treq!