Our latest product is now available for pre-order: the Fanatec CSL DD Side Mount. Compatible with Fanatec’s new wheel base, the Treq side mount will be available in 500 or 580 mm width. Orders will be shipped from September 16th onwards.

We haven gotten loads of questions in our mailbox asking if our DD Side Mount is compatible with the new CSL direct drive base, and the simple answer is: no. The CSL DD is a little bit smaller than the DD1 and the DD2. It also uses M6 instead of M8 for mounting it. That’s why we created a new product that is fully compatible with it.

Please not that all our rigs already support bottom mounting for the CSL DD. Our wheel decks already have the correct drilling pattern. Side mounting it is purely optional if you like the looks, or prefer the extra leg space.

All bolts and click-in-nuts to mount the Side Mount to your rig are included. The slide-in-nuts used inside the wheel base itself are provided with the base by Fanatec.

Read more information about the CSL DD wheel base itself on Fanatec’s official product page.