A big thank you to all the new and returning customers who have ordered with us these past few weeks. Black Friday has been a hell of a ride, and saw our order intake explode once it started. This meant that November bested our previous month with over double the sales!

Of course we’re super grateful for that, but it also means we are facing a fair bit of back-orders. Most of the parts are in stock and we are working with extra people to get these order shipped. Some items were more popular than anticipated. That means that things like the Unified Monitor Mounts are out of stock until we get a new batch of parts in, which will happen in the first week of January.

If you are a customer and your order is showing ‘processing’ in your my-profile page, then that’s a good thing! This means it’s on our list and will leave our warehouse as soon as possible.


Our warehouse will close from 23-12-2021 till 03-01-2022. The shop on the website will always be open and gladly accept new orders, but please be aware that nothing will be shipped in that period around Christmas and New Years Eve.


In the coming weeks we’ve also got some new cool stuff coming. We got some new product accessories on the way, one of which is a ‘big’ thing, which might literally shake you up a bit. Stay tuned to our Instagram to not miss any of that!