We get quite a few questions of people wondering how to install their sim racing pedals on our aluminum sim rigs. Especially those that mount ‘from the bottom’. While we deliver a clear instruction manual on how to do this, it might feel safe to know this beforehand.

Since we use rigid profiles instead of a sheet metal plate for pedal mounting, there are two options: top mounting and bottom mounting.


Most high-end sim pedals are very easy to install on our sim rigs. You just place them on top of the pedal deck and insert your bolts from the top. The type of bolts used differ from brand to brand and from model to model, but on practically all of them, this is an easy job. Pedals that are not placed on a base-plate, but have a separate throttle, brake and clutch unit, can be mounted, moved and adjusted very simple. You can also add the Feet Resting Plate to the pedal assembly, so you can rest your feet on a solid plate when using separate pedals. Examples of pedals the mount from the top:

  • Fanatec CSL / V3
  • Heusinkveld Sprint / Ultimate
  • VRS DirectForcePro
  • DCSimRacing DS3
  • Asetek Forte / Invicta


Some pedals, like those from Thrustmaster or Logitech, use a plastic pedal base that has threaded holes in the bottom of the base. To mount these types of pedals, you can use corner brackets. You can mount one side of the bracket to the side of one of the pedal deck profiles. This leaves one hole of the corner bracket free, which you can use to insert the bolt into the bottom of the pedal base.

Use the extra corner brackets to create new holes for bottom-mounting your pedals

Pedals that are mounted from the bottom are:

  • Logitech G27 / G29 / G920 / G923
  • Thrustmaster T3PA / T-LCM
  • Fanatec CSL (optional)

Every Treq sim rig is delivered with 4 extra corner brackets and a lot of extra M6 and M8 bolts and nuts for various pedal mounting options. With these extra parts it’s possible to install all popular kits. For the higher-end pedals that require a lot of M5 or M6 T-slot nuts, you can always add the HE Pedal Mounting set to your order to make sure everything fits properly. The Ultimate version is also compatible with the VRS DirectForce pedals.

If you still have questions about our pedal deck compatibility, feel free to contact us.