Today we’re announcing not one, not two, but THREE new seats available at Treq.

Say hello to the Treq STS, ST1 and STX sim racing seat. All three seats feature the same high quality velour mesh fabric with white and blue stitchings and a pocket to store your phone. They’re all build using strong glass fiber bodies that give you a secure seat. And they come in 3 different sizes. The STS is the choosen seat for those who don’t like ‘ears’. The ST1 is a very allround mid-sized seat that will fit most people, and the STX is designed for those that prefer a wider type. It’s 50mm wider than the ST1. Find the sizing tables on each of the seats own product page. Click below or check out our other items in the Racing Seats category.

304,96     304,96 excl. VAT
304,96     304,96 excl. VAT
326,45     326,45 excl. VAT

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