At the end of last year, we started moving to our new and much bigger warehouse. We’ve had our focus first and foremost at keeping our production going. Producing parts and packing/shipping orders to our customers. Although moving places is a big task, we’ve managed to do this with just one day of downtime.

The last few weeks we finally had the time to focus on something else: building our showroom. A place for people to come and visit us, and try our rigs, accessories and bucket seats. Of course you have the ability to try out our products like the Treq One, Ace and Formula, together with our  STS, ST1 and STX seats. Besides this you can try out a wide range of sim racing setups / hardware. This means you can now try and feel:

  • Single screen setup with 5 or 8 Nm wheel bases and entry level pedals
  • Triple screen setup with a 20 Nm wheel base and high-end load cell pedals
  • VR Racing in our Formula Rig
  • Qubic System’s 3DOF Motion Rig

If you would like to come by and test something out, please let us know, so that we can make sure we’ll have plenty of time for you. See you soon!