Sales tax rules

As an EU-based company, the prices on our website comply with the EU VAT (sales tax) rules for E-commerce. In short, this means that for customers inside the Europian Union all our prices are shown including the VAT (value added tax) of their country. And for customers outside the EU this VAT is 0%. Some examples of VAT rates are:

  • The Netherlands: 21%
  • Germany: 19%
  • France: 20%


We base the prices you see on the location of your IP-address. Usually this works pretty good, unless you are viewing our site via a VPN connection, with a server based in a different country. The correct VAT value will then be overruled once you fill out your billing and shipping details in the check-out part of the ordering process. So if you see a little price change there, this might be the reason.


For customers outside the EU, like the United Kingdom, Switzerland or the United States, the prices in our shop will be shown with 0% VAT. This doesn’t necessarily mean you do not have to pay taxes, because you might face import fees later on in the process. This will be handled between our shipping provider (UPS or DHL) and you, the customer. The prices for import fees depent heavily on what is ordered and to which country the order is shipped.

If you have any questions or doubts about tax, feel free to contact us.