We are happy to announce a new range of products. As of today we will be selling the Sabelt SRS-1, SRP-1 and SRX-1.

The SRS and SRX are Sabelt’s new bucket seats, specifically designed for sim racing. They feature a 20mm thick high density foam, which make the seats ultra comfortable for long sessions. Both seats are available in a full black color. On top of that, the SRS-1 can be purchased in bright yellow, and the SRX-1 in ‘royal blue’.

We want to give a special mention to the Sabelt SRP-1. This bucket seat features a unique formula-style seating position, with unmatched comfort. It is the perfect combination together with our Treq Formula Rig. The SRP-1 is available in black or red colour, and will also be sold in a set together with the rig.

The combination of the SRP-1, the Formula Rig and compatible seat brackets will be available for a price of €1050,- (incl. 21% VAT), but we’ll launch it with an early bird price of €995,- So get yours quick!

All three seats feature a reinforced fibreglass shell, industry-standard mounting holes and are compatible with all our sim racing rigs.

Vente !
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