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On this page you can find our racing simulators. All our aluminum sim rigs are of the highest quality, where rigidity and stiffness are top priority. And because we also believe in slick design and the WAF (the Wife Acceptance Factor), we've choosen to focus on black anodized simulators with a touch of Treq's blue finish. This means our simulators look good in every room! And because we also love clean looking rigs, the One, Ace and Formula all come with cable management.


Our sim racing rigs are prepared to be fitted with the most popular brands in the industry. Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec bases can all be fitted to our wheel decks. Do you own an OSW or Simucube? We've got solutions for that as well.
The pedal deck is highly customizable. From Logitech's G29 pedals to the strongest of Heusinkveld, all will fit. Both in compatibility as well in strenght. You shouldn't worry about trowing your whole body weight on the brake pedal for that very tight hairpin. You might start sweating, but our simulators definitely won't!


All our rigs are made from aluminium extruded profiles of the 40 mm type. They also feature 8 mm slots. This means everything is compatible with the industry standard. You should have no problem mixing and matching our products with various other brands in the sim racing industry. This includes steering wheel and pedal manufacturers, but also cockpit accesories.