Frequently Asked Questions

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On average we dispatch orders wihtin 24 hours. On very busy days this may take a day longer. If one of the items in your cart appears to be out-of-stock, we’ll try to contact you as soon as possible with detailed information by email. We only ship on working days, not during the weekends. The shipping time itself is fully dependend on where you live, with around 4 to 5 working days for overseas orders, and 1 to 3 working days for European orders.

We use DHL and UPS to ship our products world wide. Every country they go to, we do as well. In the check-out form on our website you can see what your delivery fee is going to be based on your zip-code and the items in your cart. If there is no shipping info availble, contact us and we’ll check what’s up.

Yes. All our rigs come with a few extra bolts and T-nuts to mount the most popular wheel bases and pedal sets.

If your order is processing, that’s a good sign! It means the payment of your order has been fufilled and that we’re working on getting your packages ready for delivery. The next step after the processing status is an email with a tracking code, followed by the order completion.

This is a question that is very hard for us to anwser. Being comfortabel in a seat is a very personal thing. We do know that length is usually not an issue. If you’re in doubt about your weight and the fitting with a specific seat, please study the sizing table of said seat closely.

We have a showroom in Boekel, the Netherlands, displaying our rigs (Treq One, Ace and Formula) and our STS, ST1 and STX racing seats. Send us a message if you wanna drop by, and we’ll make sure you can view/test our products before buying them.

A ‘bare’ Treq rig weighs around 23 kg (Treq One) to 40 kg (Treq Ace).

If you add accessories (keyboard trays, monitor mounts etc.) and a bucket seat, the additional weight can increase by another 20 kg.

Yes. You can find them in here.

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